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Treo 700p

Treo 700p

The 700p has introduced a number of subtle improvements to accompany its biggest upgrade - support for Sprint’s EV-DO network.

1x Evolution-Data Optimized, abbreviated as EV-DO or 1xEV-DO and often EVDO, is a wireless radio broadband data standard adopted by many CDMA mobile phone service providers in United States, South Korea, Japan, the Czech Republic, Russia, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Brazil, Israel, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Venezuela, Angola, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Chile, Norway, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico. It is standardized by 3GPP2, as part of the CDMA2000 family of standards, and is commonly referred in the industry as DO.

If you would like a more technical introduction to competing wireless phone networks please refer to our article here.

Other than faster speeds on the EV-DO network, the 700p gives you the ability to answer or ignore calls using a text message while in the data session – one of the many subtle upgrades that makes working on a phone all day a little more pleasant.

Although the 700p sports the same 312MB processor it does have add a considerable, and much needed, amount of memory going from 23MB to 60MB. This nice upgrade will allow you to store more data on the device instead of an annoyingly inconvenient (and easily lost) memory card. Another much needed upgrade is the new 1.3MP camera, which is considerably better than the VGA camera that comes with the 650.

For a complete Specification Sheet see our data page on this device here.

If want the ability to listen to MP3’s without carrying around two devices around then you’re in luck. You can use the 700p to play your MP3’s too by loading them onto a memory card and then playing them using the included Pocket Tunes Player. But, if you want to play WMA’s or utilize any of the music subscription services, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pocket Tunes Deluxe software for a cool $25.

If you live much of your life on the road you’ll be happy to know that the 700p can be used as a modem. This requires the Phone as modem plan which costs $49.99 for unlimited data and $39.99 for 40MB. You can connect the 700p to your laptop either by a USB connection or via Bluetooth.

There is a reason why the Treo line of devices has been incredibly popular among consumers. If you’re looking for a well-known, fast and versatile smartphone the Treo 700p is it.