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Moto Q 9H Global

Moto Q

So what exactly is so different about the Moto Q 9H Global? Here’s the short list:

  1. Faster Processor
  2. More RAM
  3. Replaced Mobile IE with Opera, which is a much faster browser
  4. Replaced Mobile Office with Documents to Go
  5. Added a GPS
  6. Better designed Keyboard
  7. Sharper 2 Megapixel Camera

The first thing you will notice when you pick up the new Moto Q 9H Global is the bigger keyboard. Motorola has included large, raised keys that are easy to press and has also added several quick access buttons for email and camera, among other things.

The Moto Q 9h Global runs Windows Mobile 6, which makes it a cinch to synch up your contacts, calendar and email with Outlook. Plus you can quickly and easily search your inbox.

Perhaps the best addition is the GPS, which allows you to have turn by turn navigation. This is a wonderful improvement over using Google Maps, and is a much more portable and cheaper alternative to an in-car satellite navigation system. Although, you will have to spring for the $9.99 monthly subscription to use this service.

The new 2 megapixel camera is better than the original 1.3 megapixel in the Moto Q. However, the snapshots still aren’t high quality enough to be print worthy.

The new 300 MHz processor proved to be a welcomed upgrade. One of the problems with my original Moto Q is that applications lagged quite a bit. This became especially annoying when I started downloading mail from three different accounts and added a few games and others programs. Thus, the additional RAM comes in handy.

Overall the Moto 9H Global brings a number of needed changes to the Q, and during the holidays there is a special discount on the price ($199 instead of $299). This is a formidable opponent to the Blackberry Curve, and I would recommend taking a serious look at this phone if you are hankering for an upgrade.