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Top 5 Concept Phones - Hot trends in Mobile Phone Technology

Image of Onyx Concept Phone

We like to keep on top of the latest trends in mobile technology and have come across some pretty fascinating – and sometimes bizarre – concept phones. Read on to get a glimpse of what you might be using (or wearing) in the next few years as phones become more a part of fashion than efficiency.

1. Onyx Concept Phone

The new concept phone uses Synaptics’ ClearPad, an optically clear, capacitive touch screen solution, to create a fully adaptive user interface (UI).  The ClearPad input system eliminates the traditional mechanical keys found on phones today and dramatically adapts to present the information and controls a user needs at any given moment.

More intelligent than conventional touch screens, the ClearPad accurately recognizes not only points and taps, but also shapes, complex gestures, and proximity to the user’s finger or cheek.  This creates new possibilities such as assigning functions to two-finger taps, closing tasks by swiping an “X” over them, sending messages by swiping them off the screen, or answering a phone by holding it up to your cheek.  The prototype phone uses a dynamic UI, where applications are layered and opened simultaneously, allowing a seamless flow of information between applications.

“Mobile phones are no longer used just for making calls -- they have become a single access point for critical day-to-day information,” explains Clark Foy, vice president of Synaptics. “The Onyx phone is a breakthrough illustration of how advances in interface technology and collaborative design will drive the future of mobile interactions and services.”

Unfortunately the Onyx isn’t quite ready for mass production. In fact, the images were only released to generate some buzz in the mobile phone community. So, in other words, don’t get too excited just yet.

2. The Sony Ericsson Ai

Image of The Sony Ericsson Ai

Images of this phone surfaced on the internet not too long ago, and it is unknown whether this is actually from Sony. Nevertheless, the design is really spectacular, and even if it is just a fan’s digital rendering, perhaps Sony will catch on and actually manufacture it.

3. The BenQ Snake

Image of The BenQ Snake

Is it a snake or is it a phone?   A concept from BenQ combines art and technology to create…well, what is it? It looks like part reptile, part alien. Either way, it will amaze your friends as you wrap it around a pole in the guest bathroom…

4. Bracelet Phone with built in MP3 Player

Image of Bracelet Phone with built in MP3 Player

This is probably one of the more practical/innovative concepts out there by a designer [] that has created a lot of speculation. You wear this phone on your wrist as a bracelet as a fashion item, and when you need to make or reveive a phone call, you simply take off the bracelet and answer it by pushing one simple button. Not only that, but it also doubles as an MP3 player (something every phone should be equipped with).

5. NEC’s ‘Tag’

Image of NEC’s ‘Tag’

Much like the number 3 phone, this one can also be worn around the wrist. However, NEC goes one step farther with their ‘Tag’ concept. Essentially you are able to manipulate this material in almost any way you wish – so you can hang it up, twist it around, tie it around something, wear it on your neck, etc. There aren’t any plans on mass production, but this would certainly create a trend among younger cell phone users.