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In today's society, it can easily become hard to keep track of all of our plans, appointments, important dates and times and lists. We try to list things on paper, checking items off as they go. We can remind ourselves on paper to pick on the dry cleaning, to hit the grocery store on the way back from taking our children to school, or of the phone calls that we need to make before lunch. We can scribble all of these dates and times on a calendar or in a planner, reminding us about PTA meetings and doctor or dentist appointments . . . More PDA Buyers Guide in Category Buyer's Guides.

When buying a new Smart Phone the consumer must be careful not to blindly choose a phone that uses an only slightly older data transmission technology. The price for a CDMA 1X or GSM GPRS phone may be attractive but, ultimately, will limit your future use. More How to choose wireless coverage for your smartphone: Mobile phone acronyms explained in Category How To's.