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About us

ProjectPDA was born out of the idea that it should be a lot easier to find a PDA or Smartphone online. Not too long ago I desperately wanted to buy a Smartphone, but I just wasn't sure what to look for. I was new to the whole PDA and Smartphone scene and I needed a little help.

That's when I set out on a mission and began compiling a spreadsheet filled with all of the relevant PDA and Smartphone info I could find. I scoured manufacturer websites, vendor sites, enthusiast sites and the like. I also devoured all of the articles and content I could find to give myself a crash course in PDA and Smartphone life.

It was my objective to compile the essential specs on the leading devices, so I could make an informed and satisfying purchase.

But, along the way I got discouraged. I had to wade through a lot of crap in order find what it was I really needed. And most of the manufactures don't give you the same info in the same format as all the other manufactures.

I thought that surely there were other people out there who were going through the same process I was. Or, at least there were some folks who wanted to get the same info I was after, but didn't have the time to do it the way I did!

So, once my spreadsheet reached a point where it took longer than a few seconds to load, I thought I ought to put it online and share it with the world.

And so that's exactly what I did.

A short while after that I thought it would be a good idea to put together some articles that go over the essentials of buying a PDA or Smartphone, as well as some reviews on the latest models.

And so I did that too.