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Palm TX

With the world contained in your palm and at your fingertips, it's never difficult to stay connected away from office. The TX personal digital assistant produced by Palm Inc. has packed in almost every feature that a tech-savvy corporate user could crave in a PDA.

With built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, this wireless device enables you to browse the web and check emails from your office, campus or a
home Wi-Fi network including places like airport, cafes and hotels (if they have Wi-Fi). With the new TX, it is no longer a hassle to carry your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files around with you and also be able to create and edit them.

Moto Q 9H Global

The Moto 9H Global brings a number of needed changes to the Q, and during the holidays there is a special discount on the price ($199 instead of $299). This is a formidable opponent to the Blackberry Curve, and I would recommend taking a serious look at this phone if you are hankering for an upgrade.